Jasmine Energy

List of Pools

The core team at Jasmine considers a number of trade-offs when deciding what pools to support. As an example of a trade-off that exists with every pool, consider whether it should have stringent or lax admission rules. Lax pools can attract more assets overall, increasing liquidity. Stringent pools reduce uncertainty about the pools' future composition. We need to balance these and other considerations when designing pools.
Our community is invited to participate in these discussions through the pool design, release, and analysis process. The core team is committed to communicating early and often about possible future pools we're considering launching and estimated timelines for those launches. To participate in these discussions, join our Discord.


At launch we plan to support one pool:
  • Green-e Front-Half 2023
This is the broadest category of voluntary EACs in North America. All EACs in this pool will meet the typical environmental accounting standards used by publicly listed US companies. The pool will accept EACs with a vintage between January 2023 and June 2023 ("Front-Half").