Retiring an EAT

Retire an EAT to attribute your energy consumption

Retiring is irreversible. Your Energy Attribute Token will be irretrievably sent to the Null address.

You're about to wish "farewell" to your Energy Attribute Token (EAT), but do not lament this sweet sorrow for it's the moment your EAT was made for!

By retiring your EAT you are applying its attributes to your (or someone else's) energy consumption and helping accelerate the clean energy revolution.

In the Jasmine app, navigate to the Retire page. Click the selection box next to the EAT you'd like to retire, click the "Retire" button. Add information about the entity the EAT is being retire for (that might be you, your business, or a protocol). Confirm and sign the transaction using your blockchain wallet.

If you need to change your retirement information, contact Jasmine support immediately. Your EAT cannot be retrieved from Null but the redemption information can be changed until it's reported to regulators.

Within 1 business day, your retirement information will be reported to regulators and immutably recorded on the blockchain and in the regulatory registry.

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