To bridge tokens to a registry, you must register with Jasmine as a bridge user and have a registry account on the registry the energy attributes were originally bridged from.

Energy attributes can only be bridged off to the same registry they were originally bridged from.

For example, if they were bridged on from PJM-GATS, they cannot be bridged off to any other registry (NAR, MIRITS, etc)

Generally, there shouldn't be any need to bridge Energy Attributes off of the blockchain. This functionality exists to provide peace of mind that assets will not become "stranded" on-chain.

In the Jasmine app, navigate to the list of your EATs. In the row of the EAT you'd like to bridge off, select "Bridge-Off." Confirm and sign the transaction using your wallet.

This transaction will send the EAT to the chain's Null address and send a message to Jasmine to release the EAC to your registry account.

Within one business day, the EACs will be sent from Jasmine's custodial account to your registry account.

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