Jasmine Energy


A list of terms that are often used in our docs. A few of these are energy or blockchain jargon. To help you better understand, the descriptions provided are in the context of what we're building and what you'll see.
Energy Attribute Token. A blockchain token that represents an EAC.
Tech Type The type of electricity generating technology use by the generator that produced a given EAC (i.e. Solar, Nuclear, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro)
Generator The site or facility that produced the EACs (commonly referred to a "power plant," "solar farm," "wind farm," etc)
REC Renewable Energy Certificate - A type of EACs used in the US and Canada.
MWh Mega Watt hour. Common unit of electrical energy. 1 EAC is issued for every MWh of energy generated.
Vintage The year and month (eg "January 2023") that the energy associated with the EAC was generated.
"Bridge" Information technology (IT) infrastructure used to transfer an EAC’s digital information to/from the blockchain.
“Tokenize” Create a new EAT that represents an EAC.
"Burn" The deliberate destruction of a token as part larger blockchain opperation. When an EAT is retired on-chain, the token is burned and the associated off-chain certificate is retired with the appropriate regulator/registry. A burned EAT can no longer be traded, this action is irreversible.
“Retire” Apply the energy attributes to you or your own energy consumption.